CYFIRMA—A Contemporary Solution to Mitigate Cybercrime

CYFIRMA—A Contemporary Solution to Mitigate Cybercrime

The digital arena is expanding with each passing moment, and while it is beneficial in several ways, it sure comes with its own set of drawbacks. The growth in the digital footprint has also given rise to cybercrime, and the number of major attacks is only on the rise. Kumar Ritesh, a visionary and globally renowned cybersecurity expert, planned to mitigate this risk and provide business with a contemporary, powerful, and prolific approach to take on cyber threats. He founded CYFIRMA!

The Mitigation Tool

CYFIRMA is a company that deals in cybersecurity by utilizing cyber threat visibility and intelligence, the submerged iceberg with untapped hidden potential and utilizing ground breaking approaches and methods to keep businesses safe. It is a business division of Antuit, a globally prevalent analytics brand. The reason why CYFIRMA saw immense success within months of launching was that it brought forth a unique and unrivaled set of solution and product to the table. Their clients get to enjoy real-time threat intelligence that is treated with a far more proactive approach than ever before.

CYFIRMA does not just put up a shield to keep your online presence and data safe, instead, it works to understand, and analyze, using an abundance of threat intelligence on how these attacks work. By aggregating and analyzing thousands of sources from surface and deep/dark web, it gathers data that helps to decipher the next move of a potential cyber-attack. This provides your business ample time to take proactive measure and mitigate the damage completely.

A Valuable Insight

There is nothing better than having real-time insights into areas that can benefit you in the long run. Kumar Ritesh wanted to make sure that their clients didn’t wait till the threat manifests, instead, they prepare for any potential attacks by learning the behavior of these threats. He powered the CYFIRMA Artificial intelligence to begin learning about cyber threats like Petya and WannaCry. Kumar Ritesh then enabled CYFIRMA’s clients to counter the way these threats attack. The results were truly mesmerizing as the company’s clients began to enjoy better, safer environments online. With lesser threat came lesser hassle, allowing businesses to work on their core revenue-generating functions.

Limited Security Resources

By introducing its approach, CYFRIMA became a safe haven for companies that did not have a high-security protocol. With only a scarce number of security resources with some companies, it was obvious that these companies needed to allocate their security resources where they could be of the best use. In this scenario, the knowledge of where, what, and how their potential threat would attack turned out to be a major convenience. In short, CYFIRMA made cybersecurity hassle-free for businesses of all sizes by reducing the risk as well as the cost of security.

With such a distinct proposition, it was only inevitable that CYFIRMA earned its credibility. Although a part of Antuit, CYFIRMA functions as an entirely separate entity. Goldman Sachs also invested $15M in this venture deeming it profitable. CYFIRMA currently generates a revenue of $2M annually. It operates in Japan, Asia Pacific, and US region, and has its headquarters situated in Singapore. You can learn more about the venture on